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Magic article

The Magic of Content Marketing

The Magic of Content Marketing

Thinking man statue article

Blogging Tips | Kinani Blue

Blogging Tips | Kinani Blue

Obi wan article

How Your Company Can Rock Online | Kinani Blue

How Your Company Can Rock Online | Kinani Blue

2850 15 article

The 12 Marketing Tips of Christmas | Kinani Blue

The 12 Marketing Tips of Christmas | Kinani Blue

Change the world article

13 Ways to Change the World

Maybe it was the article you read in the newspaper about girls getting kidnapped in Africa; maybe it was your 3rd grade teacher telling you if you smiled at new kids in school, you could make their......

Ds article

How an International Brand Connected with a Local Audience

Last Sunday it was cold and wet outside so I decided to take my son to the Disney Store at Destiny USA. We caught a ride on the carousel, did a diaper check, then walked amid the “he’s so cute”-’s ......

Path article

A Breath of Fresh Air

Took a walk in the park today.     Sometimes a walk in silence,   thinking of nothing in particular,   can be the very best thing   for an otherwise   nonstop   b......

Rocky article

Golden Motivation

When I was in college, a student from another university came to give a leadership seminar. I remember it was winter. He was an excellent speaker: something like a Tony Robbins. I remember very lit......

Brook bridge article

The Bridge (Between Social Media and the “Real World”)

We’ve all been there. Surfing online for hours on end, tweeting at this person and that, commenting on this and that Facebook video thingy, “LinkedIn-ing” with people you don’t even know. That live......

Run rain article

Life Is Beautiful

I went running the other day in the rain. As many a runner will agree, it is the very best time to run. Besides the annoyance of wet socks squishing against your sneakers at mile two, it is the mos......

The pursuit of happyness hd article

How To Win Business and Influence Your Audience

I recently “read” an audiobook. You guessed it, Dale Carnegie’s classic How To Win Friends and Influence People from which I mooched the title of this post. I found the information there simple in ......

Newday article

3 Tips to Get Your Rear in Gear

There is no “rewind” in life; there is no “fast forward.” You cannot “pause.” You cannot use “another life.” There are no “shields.” There is no starting over, and it’s not over ‘til it’s actually ......